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Bush Primary School & Nursery Unit, Dungannon
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Winter Woollies Day at Nursery

12th Jan 2018

We all came to Nursery today dressed in our 'Winter Woollies'. We were very busy exploring Winter. Yesterday we froze water in the freezer, and today when we lifted it out it had turned to ice. We all got to feel the ice. It was very slippy and cold. We noticed the ice cube started to get small in our hand because our bodies are warm. We used a big stopwatch to time how long it took our ice to melt. It took our ice over 10 minutes to melt. It seemed like a very long time. We played 'Snowman Says' and 'Throw the Snowball'. We were very good at listening. Then we had a very special Winter treat for snack. We had toast, fruit, hot chocolate, marshmallows and chocolate biscuits to warm us up. We went on a Winter walk to the big school and explored the different signs of Winter. We noticed that it was very cold, there were no leaves on the trees, the flowers had all died, the sky was very cloudy, there were bird feeders on the trees, the grass was wet, the path was slippy and we found wood that could be used on a fire to keep everyone warm.